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Omaha Storm Restoration Blog

How To Avoid Storm Damage Repair Scams After Storms

When we as humans are stuck in a difficult situation, it's easy to trust someone who claims to be there to help. After storm damages, many homeowners find themselves in this situation. Unfortunately, that's exactly what scam artists try to take advantage of. […]

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Why An Insurance Claims Restoration Company Is The Best Option After A Disaster

When you purchase a home, you will also be purchasing a homeowner’s hazard insurance policy. This insurance is designed to protect you and the mortgage company from financial loss when there’s storm damage, flooding, fire, hail damage, or another disaster. Every policy is different, so be sure you carefully examine this document to see what […]

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Importance of Conducting Water Removal ASAP

When your home suffers major water damage, the first thing that you should do is contact a professionally licensed water damage restoration contractor. The longer you wait, the more damage that will occur to your home or business. Although the storm, flooding, or plumbing leak may be over, the water in your property still presents […]

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Omaha Storm Restoration – What You Should Know

One of the last things a homeowner wants to have to deal with is taking care of the need for Omaha storm restoration. From severe thunderstorms to hail and to the dreaded hurricanes that can sweep across this area, you sometimes are left having to pick up the pieces in the aftermath. The important thing […]

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Our Water Damage Restoration Process

Water damage can be caused by any number of things (flooding, leaking pipes, malfunctioning appliances, and more), and it could occur at any time. No matter when your home is damaged by water or what the cause of the damage is, you need fast and thorough repairs. At Disaster Response Group, our professional repair and […]

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Call for Storm Damage Repair Now Minneapolis!

Currently, we’re in an area where you may need to have Storm Damage Repairs with active storms located in Fridley Plymouth -mainly along the western edge northeast of Minneapolis. Previous storm survivors from May 3rd may still be in need of storm damage repairs as well near Roseville, Little Canada, and Stillwater. If you’re a […]

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Flood Damage and Your Health

When a natural disaster causes flood damage to your home, one of the biggest health risks you may end up dealing with afterward is mold. Mold spores are microscopic, and they’re everywhere in the air we breathe. Fortunately, mold growth in the home is usually restricted to perishable food items like overripe fruit. When flood […]

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Fire Damage Repairs – What You Need to Know

Fire damage repairs can be a difficult process to struggle through because you simply want it to be over. Many people assume once the fire trucks leave and everyone is alright that the nightmare is over. For many homeowners it may just be beginning. The trick is to choose the perfect team to work with […]

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Welcome To Hail Alley! Disaster Response Group Repairs Hail Storm Damage

Residents and businesses in Omaha, NE understand what it means to be in a hail storm. According to figures from 1949-1994, Nebraska ranked 19 along with TX, OK, KS, and CO as the top twenty most damaged by hail and wind catastrophes in the U.S. These storms caused $103 Million in property losses.* In North […]

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How to Find the Hail Damage Repair Service that is Right for You

If you live in an area where hail storms are prevalent, you will likely have to deal with hail damage. The best way to handle hail damage is to seek the assistance of a certified, professional hail damage repair service, such as Disaster Response Group Here are some tips that you may use in order to […]

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Why Are Roof Inspection Services Important?

Roof inspections provide valuable information to building owners about the condition of their roof. It is common practice for a roof inspection to be performed as part of the process of buying or selling a property. This ensures the property value remains intact and no unseen problems exist. A thorough and detailed roof inspection […]

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What To Do About Water Damage

Water is a powerful force that can cause damage that leads to costly repairs. Understanding how water damage can harm your building will help you be better prepared to handle it if you ever suffer it. If your building constantly experiences water leakage or flooding – call Disaster Response Group – you shouldn’t just ignore […]

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