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Storm Damage Repair Services in Oklahoma City

oklahoma city storm damage repair services

Storm damage is an inevitability for most property owners. At some point it is likely you will suffer shingle blowoffs, leaks, basement flooding and many other storm related damages. Any storm damage, regardless of severity, is an inconvenience. Not only do you have to deal with unsightly blemishes to your building but also potential further damage from water and other elements. Then there is the stress of finding a reliable repair person. Disaster Response Group is here to put your mind at ease. We specialize in repairing storm damage and we have a vast network of industry leaders that possess the experience and tools necessary to repair any part of your building. Our contractors extend prompt and effective repair services and that is why we are the premier choice in Oklahoma City for storm damage repairs.

At Disaster Response Group we strive to offer Oklahoma City home and business owners the widest variety of storm damage repair services available. We offer roof repairs, siding repair and replacement, attic repair, interior repair, garage repair and even tree removal. No matter what storm damage your property has incurred, we can fix it for you.

Complete Storm Damage Restorations for Oklahoma City

Storms are never convenient forces to deal with, however sometimes natural disasters bring much more destruction than simple repairs can solve. If your property has been devastated by a storm, you need Disaster Response Group. Suffering severe property damage can be mentally and emotionally draining, and often what to do next is so perplexing it can cause anxiety. Complete storm restoration services from Disaster Response Group helps alleviate that stress. We walk you through every step of the restoration process, making it as simple as possible. We start with a thorough inspection of your property to assess the damage. The inspection is conducted by a professional that is fully aware of what information your insurance company will require. For further data to help the process, we also provide you with an appraisal, so an exact cost can be estimated. We also offer an engineer’s report, detailing the structural capacity of your building at present. After inspections are complete, we then provide you with claims management to hold your hand through the claims process. Dealing with insurance companies can be confusing and stressful. You won’t have to sift through any mountain of paperwork alone with Disaster Response Group.

Oklahoma City’s Premier Mitigation Services

One of the most important aspects of storm damage restoration is preventing further damage. Disaster Response Group’s mitigation services are designed to reduce the total costs of damage to you by acting immediately to stop future issues. We offer emergency board up services which will protect your property from further weather related damage as well as vandalism and looting. We’ll have our team respond immediately to your call and board up windows and door ways left exposed as well as built temporary shelter for other exposed areas. Once your property is secure, the next step is water extraction. Water, if left unchecked, will cause much more costly issues, such as mold, termites and many other deteriorating invaders. Our mitigation services eliminate the source of water damage, reducing your total costs. When you suffer storm damage, trust the storm damage restoration experts at Disaster Response Group with your mitigation services.

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